Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Years Resolution - 23 Days Late

What can I say? At least I am still doing it! One of my New Year's resolutions was to start posting to my blog again. Ok, I lied, I have been thinking about it since the previous New Year! Oh well, better late than never. So much has gone on since I stopped posting way back in 2009. I feel as if I have gotten a new lease on life. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. It has taken me this long to say it out loud. I guess I was kind of afraid to. Did not want to jinx myself. It is time to face that fear. I have been on a journey to Hell and back and I never want to go back to the daily pain that basically crippled me from living. That person a year ago is not me. Looking back, it scares me what would have become of me if it would have gone on much longer. Through the whole ordeal, my husband stood by my side. He is the most wonderful husband. He encouraged me to seek out alternative treatments such as acupuncture and massage. He held my hand when I did not want to go to the doctors again. He shouldered allot of the burden and for that I am eternally grateful. With his, my family's and especially my Father in Heaven's help, I made it through. I feel wonderful! I do admit that sometimes, those old demons come calling but it is less and less and as I get more and more stronger(mentally and physically) I am able to chase them away. I think admitting this to the world, is a great next step in my healing. Thanks for reading.

Now enough said about that! I am going to try an post at least once a week(lofty goal, I know!) I hope you will stay tuned!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Jamie and I being the brave (or stupid) souls we are, took the children to Red Rock for a hike. The kids actually did great. We went on a 4 mile(round trip) hike up to the La Madre Springs. Autumn tried to pick up every rock she could. It was too cute. We hiked up to a little spring in the mountains and a small dam where animals go to drink. I love to hike at Red Rock. After our hike, we treated the kids to Old Nevada and Bonnie Springs. For dinner, we met the hubbies and Dad Gibbons at the Fiesta for a buffet. It was a fun day! Splish Splash we were taking a bath!
The kids went thru the mine at Old Nevada about 50 times!
Merrily, merrily a hiking we will go!

Friday, February 27, 2009

It's been awhile

I know I have been so delinquent with my blog! Time just seems to get away from me. I actually wanted to start something new with my blog at the beginning of the year but as you can see, it did not happen then. We had a crazy couple of months. Jim, was rearended by a drunk driver at work on January 24. He was on light duty since then and finally got to go back to full duty tonight. I am grateful for the time that he got to spend with us, going to church and actually being home for my birthday! That was the good that came out of the accident. I am so glad he is better and ready to go catch the thugs.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow in Vegas? Who would of thought it possible!

After much crying and moaning(from my kids not me!) and much prayer from my children, we recieved a Christmas miracle! It snowed in Vegas! I think we had about 8 inches. Boy was it a fun day!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Guess Who's 1!

Ok, so I know I have been delinquent in my updates. Just wanted to wish my little Auti a Happy Birthday yesterday. I can't believe she is one! This year has flown by. Autumn is a sweet spirit. When I get the pictures of her party, I will post them.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The latest Elliism by Jim

While driving down the road Ellie saw a lady driving a car next to us with two dogs poking their heads out of the windows. After giggling at the dogs for a bit Ellie asked me "Daddy, why do some people take their dogs everywhere they go?" I replied "I don't know honey." Ellie then thought for a second and stated "I guess they do it because they don't have a boyfriend!"

Monday, November 3, 2008


So Halloween was a blast this year! Every year my mom likes to have a Halloween party and this year we did it on All Hallows Eve! I even dressed up this year. Take a look!

Ok, so I was trying to be Punky Brewster. For those of you who don't know who that is, look it up! Anyway, at the end of the evening, I realized I was flashing gang colors all night(see the bandannas). Way to go!

Here is my little bat girl. She is showing off her knee with the band aid because before we left for the party I noticed that there was a tiny hole in her costume. Well to remedy that, Ellie decided to put a band aid on it and in her words, " I covered the hole up so you can't see it." Makes sense.

Here is my vampire. Be careful at my house!

Miss Auti's first Halloween. The trick or treat bag is almost bigger than her!

All in all we had a great night. It was good to see all the trick or treaters out on our street. I really don't like the trunk or treats and the mall sponsored stuff on Halloween. I know people gravitate towards those type of functions because of safety but I feel if you take the time to know the people in your neighborhood it should be safe. I want my children to have the types of experiences that I grew up having with the Holidays. Especially when they are trying to take them away at school.
I will get off my soap box now! Update on the election. Cheyenne ran a clean campaign, gave a wonderful speech and was cheered by all. Unfortunately, she did not win. I feel she should have by the amount of cheers received compared to the other candidates but what do I know. Cheyenne was unfazed by not winning. I am so proud of her for trying. I never in a million years would have done what she did.